March Creative Design Studio combines ideas with thoughtful design; solutions to craft and cultivate brands.

We’re flexible and we play to our strengths. Working passionately on projects we believe in. Taking you right in the core of the creative process along with us.

We create looking through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. We March.

Fashion and technology & innovation. These are the fields in which we operate frequently. Sustainability. That’ll make our eyes light up too. We’ve only got this single planet.

morning madness
Angela Jansen Graphic Designer

Angela Jansen

Conceptual thinker and graphic designer. Graduate of the Design academy. Well versed in both fashion and technology & innovation projects. Plays to her strengths. Works on projects she believes in with dedication and confidence. Together, on commission or independently. With March Angela works on a variety of projects. Alone or with colleagues drawn from her extensive network. There’s always new spaces and projects to explore. Marching off the edge of the map.



Brand Positioning
Brand Identity
Web Design
Art Direction

Founding Partner, Creative Director

LENA the fashion Library: Kledingbibliotheek, Westerstraat Amsterdam

Crealev Levitation Technology: We make it float, Strijp-S Eindhoven

Doortje Vintage: Webshop; biggest collection of handpicked vintage items