Brand Identity LENA the fashion library

2023 Client: LENA the fashion library

I've been working with Lena for years now. This year, they wanted to revamp their branding. In pursuit of this, we embarked on a quest for new, surprising colors and refined typography. The concept (fashion library) has evolved somewhat, and it needed to be seamlessly integrated into all our communication.

Finally, we've captured campaign images to breathe new life into store promotions. A vibrant blend of fashion-forward visuals and a compelling message. LENA; shop differently.

style elements

This dynamic creative team not only manages their own social media presence but also takes charge of capturing images of their extensive inventory. The focal point of our efforts was centered around simplifying the explanation of how clothing borrowing operates and creating guidelines that they could readily integrate into platforms such as Canva, Mailchimp.


A light purple colored text. Westerstraat 174 in Amsterdam.